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The Michigan Horse Racing Advisory Committee, a special seven member committee appointed by the Governor in 2016 to serve four year terms, has not held a single meeting this year.  Under the law, all meetings of the committee are required to be public. Pursuant to MCL 431.306a(12) the advisory commission is charged with doing all of the following:

a) Establish for the commissioner (i.e. the Executive Director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board) procedures governing the operation and promotion of horse racing in this state.

b) Make recommendations to the legislature on amendments to this act that would improve the regulatory structure of horse racing in this state with a goal of maintaining the long-term viability of horse racing in this state.

c) Annually submit a report to the legislature detailing its recommendations.

Section 13 of the statute provides that the racing commissioner (i.e. the Executive Director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board) “shall take under consideration” the procedures established by the advisory commission under subsection (12)(a) above in performing his or her duties under this act.  Thus, the role of this committee is clearly advisory in nature.  

Since the date of its last public meeting, Hazel Park Raceway announced that it is closing, virtually eliminating thoroughbred racing in the state of Michigan (see April 6, 2018 Michigan Gaming News, Issue 12).  Additionally, Northville Downs announced that it has reached a deal to sell its real estate with an intent to relocate (see April 20, 2018 Michigan Gaming News, Issue 14). A contact with the Department of Agriculture confirmed that no upcoming meetings are scheduled for the committee.


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