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On Wednesday, October 1, 2014, a panel of gaming regulatory professionals discussed ways that regulations could be improved to streamline processes for both regulators and the gaming industry at large, without jeopardizing the integrity of gaming oversight. The panel, “Efficiencies in Regulation: First-Hand Case Studies” shared current and former regulator stories of adopting and adapting the American Gaming Association’s (“AGA”)  recommendations for regulatory change.

The panel was led by Mr. Mark Lipparelli, Board Trustee of the University of Nevada Foundation and included A.G. Burnett, Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board; Andrew Smith, Senior Director of Research, AGA; and Ronnie Jones, Chairman of the Louisiana Gaming Control Board.

The panel discussion opened by exploring the most effective processes to effectuate regulatory change at the state level. Mr. Burnett noted that the two-tiered system of statutory law and regulations inherently posed issues, and although the regulatory body may be open to making certain changes to its regulations, they must still remain in accordance with the statutory intent of the law. He continued by noting that it is much less difficult to effectuate changes at the regulatory level than at the legislative level due to the timing of the process. Mr. Jones also noted his openness to regulatory change and noted that the majority of the recently proposed regulatory changes recently placed before the Louisiana Gaming Control Board have been accepted by his agency. Many of these recently adopted regulations can be accessed by clicking here.

Other specific areas where regulatory change has been sought includes duplicative regulations and the removal of certain regulations that no longer serve their original purpose. Andrew Smith of the AGA noted the ongoing efforts of his association in effectuating regulatory change throughout the industry at large and that generally, regulatory agencies are extremely receptive to change. For a complete list of states that the AGA has made suggested regulatory reform priorities lists please click here.  Mr. Jones added that the most effective way to effectuate change is to engage the regulatory body from the start of the process and form clear lines of communication. 

Mr. Smith pointed out that AGA’s priority list for regulatory change includes revising licensing requirements, creating a more unified form system, and digitizing the process across jurisdictions. He went on to note that although there is more to be done, beneficial progress has been made throughout the industry. 

To learn more about the AGA’s  Regulatory Reform campaign, please visit: http://www.americangaming.org/government-affairs/regulatory-reform.


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