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On April 14, 2015, Senate Bill 140 (“SB 140”) was introduced in the Ohio Senate which would, if signed into law, limit the amount of promotional credits that a gaming facility could offer to patrons. The bill also adds a definition of “enhanced video lottery terminal” that would allow certain video lottery terminal retailers to offer games that simulate roulette, dice, and card games. The statutory change would also provide flexibility for the state gaming commission to issues rules that further detail promotional credit.

SB 140 would amend the state’s gaming laws to limit the ability to provide promotional gaming credits to large gaming operators in the state. Video lottery terminal operators must have at least ninety percent of the total number of machines permitted at a single location, or 2,250 machines, and generate at least $165 Million in video lottery terminal revenue per year. Similarly, casinos must have at least 4,500 slot and table games and generate at least $330 Million in casino-related revenue per year. Operators that qualify under these standards may provide up to $5 Million in promotional gaming credits per year.

In addition, SB 140 would allow video lottery terminal operators that qualify to offer promotional credits to operate “enhanced video lottery terminals,” defined in the bill as “any electronic device approved by the state lottery commission that provides immediate prize determinations for participants on an electronic display…and that have displays that simulate card games, dice games, or roulette.” If a qualified operator choses to use enhanced video lottery terminals, those machines would count towards the total number of video lottery terminals needed to offer promotional credits.

The bill has not yet been assigned to committee. For more information on SB 140, including the text of the bill, please visit the Ohio Legislature’s website at: https://www.legislature.ohio.gov/


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