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On Thursday, July 30, 2015, the Nevada Gaming Control Board (“Board”) issued a revised set of regulations that would govern skill-based wagering activity. The regulations follow the enactment of Senate Bill 9 in May of this year which legalized such activity for gaming operators.

Regulation 14, which contains provisions related to linked gaming systems, online and mobile gaming, and testing standards for interactive devices, has several proposed amendments to allow the Board to regulate skill-based wagering in accordance with the new law. The proposed regulations define “game of skill” as “a game in which the skill of the player, rather than chance, is the dominant factor in affecting the outcome of the game as determined over a period of continuous play.” In addition, the regulations would permit hybrid games that combine skill and chance elements. The games would use “identifiers,” which include information like the frequency of play, skill of the player, comparative skill against other players, or the use of a particular gaming device or technology to determine which types of games are available to patrons.

On Thursday, August 6, 2015, the Board held a workshop allowing interested parties to submit comments and to discuss the proposed regulatory changes. According to the Board’s website, comments were submitted by a number of groups, including the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers which led the initial efforts to permit skill-based wagering. Public comments largely centered around technical changes to clarify definitions and other regulatory language. In addition, the Board was urged to explicitly allow account-based wagering on such games and to provide more detail on how the skill and chance elements would be measured in regards to actual and theoretical payback calculations

The Board will consider the discussions and comments submitted during its workshop as it continues to develop regulations for skill-based wagering. For more information on the hearing, including copies of public comments submitted, please visit the Board’s website at: http://gaming.nv.gov/index.aspx?page=52#2015-04R.



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