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Companies that have never done business with casinos or businesses that are looking to expand their business to new geographic areas may be surprised to learn that they must often meet strict and complicated licensing requirements to legally sell goods or services to a casino. A governmental body having jurisdiction over regulating the casino (i.e., the country, state, province, band or tribe) normally issues these licenses. Usually, a gaming control board or gaming commission is appointed by the governmental body to handle the complicated steps involved in granting licenses.

The casino industry is a highly regulated and policed industry that seeks to protect customers and operators to ensure fairness and compliance with state and federal laws.  It is important to note that all gaming jurisdictions have unique and varying approaches to regulating suppliers to the industry. As such, it is important for those looking to become licensed in the various jurisdictions to become familiarized with applicable laws and regulations.

Casino City’s Casino Vendors is a comprehensive informational directory and news source for various casino gaming suppliers across the world.  It features a “Vendor Licensing” section that includes a broad overview of vendor licensing requirements by jurisdiction.   The website also provides a central database for various contact information to gaming regulatory bodies.  The website can be accessed at: http://www.casinovendors.com/.

For specific questions regarding licensing, it is highly recommended that companies looking to do business seek professional regulatory and legal assistance in order to properly navigate the intricacies in a particular jurisdiction.  This will help save time, expense and confusion throughout the licensing process.


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