On Monday, January 18, 2016, Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (“AGEM”) Executive Director Marcus Prater and President Tom Jingoli discussed their thoughts on the industry and gaming equipment developments on Global Gaming Business’sCasino Talkpodcast.

“Marcus has done a great job bringing in new officers and molding the organization to keep our core focus, our pillars since our inception, to where we are now. We’re more branched out now. We’re more active in the political space,” stated Mr. Jingoli.

Both Mr. Jingoli and Mr. Prater cited the passage of Nevada Senate Bill 9, AGEM-supported legislation that authorizes skill-based wagering and variable payback activity, as one of the many recent achievements of the organization. “New Jersey was technically first, but Nevada was the first to change the law, then update the regulations, so that the suppliers have, with these regulations and technical standards, the road map we need,” stated Mr. Prater.

AGEM, through a specialized internal committee, plans to work with regulators to show the Nevada regulatory structure as a template for states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, and others that have expressed interest in exploring the topic.

The approach in Nevada involved close communications with Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett and senior staff in developing the draft policies. Mr. Jingoli noted this collaborative approach in introducing Senate Bill 9, which he and Mr. Prater have credited as part of the reasons for success of the legislation.

“This wasn’t just a manufacturer-centric group. We certainly worked with the Nevada Resort Association, we brought the operators in, so everybody was aware of what was going on….We didn’t want a bill to go in front of somebody in Carson City and say ‘what are these manufacturers trying to do, where are the operators at with this?’ So we packaged everything together so that when it got in front of them, they could see it was a collaborative effort and not just the manufacturers.”

The legislation is aimed at allowing the industry to adapt to new challenges presented by a consumer base that is immersed in interactive content on phones, tablets, and consoles. Manufacturers, operators, and others have expressed excitement for the new types of games that may be developed under a skill-based or variable payback concept and the potential to transform the casino floor.

In addition to its legislative efforts, the group also discussed AGEM’s ongoing evaluation of online gaming developments and related federal legislation, its expanded relationship with Global Gaming Business, and upcoming industry events.

A recording of the interview is available on the Global Gaming Businessmagazine website, here.



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