On February 3, 2016, Indiana Senate Bill 339, legislation seeking to authorize fantasy sports wagering, was passed in a 166-38 vote and has been referred to the State House for consideration. In addition, Indiana House Bill 1168, which was originally a companion bill to Senate Bill 339 and included advanced deposit wagering language, failed to advance out of committee and is no longer valid for this session.

Senate Bill 339 was introduced on January 7, 2016 in connection with Indiana lawmakers publicly extending an invitation to FanDuel to relocate its headquarters from New York, where the company is facing legal challenges from the state, to Indiana. The legislation, if passed, would clarify that fantasy sports do not constitute “gambling” as defined under Indiana law. In addition, the bill would establish the Paid Fantasy Sports Division within the Indiana Horse Racing Commission to regulate the activity.

House Bill 1168, also introduced on January 7, 2016, was a companion bill with Senate Bill 339 which also included language regarding advanced deposit wagering at horse tracks. The fantasy sports language was subsequently removed in an amendment to the bill. The legislation thereafter failed to advance out of the House Committee on Ways and Means and is no longer valid for this session.

As noted above, Senate Bill 339 has been passed to the Indiana House of Representatives for consideration. The bill, however, has yet to be assigned to a committee.



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