Gun Lake Investments board of directors announced their appointment of Kurt Trevan to lead their investment and economic development efforts.  Mr. Trevan has a master's of finance and is finishing his MBA from the University of Michigan while leading a long, successful career with banking, gaming, investment and entrepreneurial development.

In addition, he has much experience with the tribe as he served as treasurer on the Tribal Council, the board of Gun Lake Investments, and the Gun Lake Gaming Authority for the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians for the last three and a half years.

"Kurt will provide unparalleled leadership for our efforts to lead as an economic catalyst. We are investing in our Tribe, West Michigan, and the overall economy for the state. Creating jobs on and off the reservation still represent a job in our region," says Gun Lake Investments Chairman Eric S. Trevan. "We're thankful for the vision of the Tribal Council to create this entity."  Moreover, the State of Michigan is supportive of Gun Lake Investment and their efforts which provide a tremendous competitive economic advantage.

"We are pleased the GLI has formed and will be a catalyst for the continued growth of Michigan's economy. The MEDC looks forward to working cooperatively with GLI, and we believe our collective efforts will be successful" Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Director Steve Arwood stated.

Gun Lake Investments is a tribal business entity created by the Gun Lake Tribe in 2015. They have a focus on developing a tribal economy beyond gaming through strategic investments and economic development in the West Michigan area, as well as globally. The entity hopes to increase employment opportunities, both on and off-reservation, with investments focused on real estate and established companies wherein the Tribe has a competitive advantage.



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