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Yesterday, June 9, 2016, the American Gaming Association (“AGA”) released an Q & A interview with U.S. Representative Brenda Lawrence (D-MI). Congresswoman Lawrence represents Michigan’s 14th congressional district which stretches from eastern Detroit westward to Farmington Hills, then north to the suburbs of Auburn Hills. “Congressional Spotlight” is an AGA series highlighting members of Congress who comment on the benefits that casino gaming brings to their respective districts. Below is the interview.

AGA: Casinos provide good jobs, vital tax revenues and a host of benefits to communities. What has casino gaming meant to your district, community and state?

Brenda Lawrence: I appreciate the gaming industry’s dedication to skilled workers in Michigan and across the country. I will continue to support the industry’s important efforts to direct resources and support towards responsible gaming and recovery initiatives and look forward to the positive impact such programs will have across the state and nation.

AGA: With casinos now operating in 40 states, many members of Congress have become more familiar with the industry. What have you learned about gaming?

Brenda Lawrence: I am impressed by the partnership and community outreach of the gaming industry. The significant role the industry has played in the economic recovery efforts of Detroit and Southeast Michigan have been tremendous. I plan to continue to work with the industry to support their development efforts and look forward to the industry’s sustained investment.

AGA: How can gaming continue to serve as a strong community partner?

Brenda Lawrence: I look forward to the continued investment of the gaming industry in cities such as Detroit. The best part of the gaming industry is its commitment to economic recovery initiatives and the continued collaboration of industry and community workforce development. These efforts are critical to the success of our country’s economy and future. I am committed to supporting this type of activity and the strengthening of communities across our nation.

Learn more about the AGA’s Get to Know Gaming campaign at GetToKnowGaming.org


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