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On September 26th, nearly 26,000 gaming professionals gathered for the week in Las Vegas for the Global Gaming Expo (“G2E”) 2016. G2E 2016 was an opportunity for the gaming industry to conduct business, learn and network.

Highlights from this year’s show include:

· Game and product demonstrations from UNLV students and academics in the first-ever Innovation Lab on the expo floor;

· Educational Program tracks that explored current and future trends, such as eSports and the 2016 election; and

· Products and technologies from more than 400 exhibitors, showcasing table games, slots, iGaming and other non-gaming solutions.

In addition, the National Indian Gaming Association (“NIGA”) and the American Gaming Association (“AGA”) shared the stage at G2E for the first time to discuss how unity makes the future of the entire gaming industry stronger.

“We made a very consequential decision, and we’re not uniting for the sake of uniting. We’re uniting because it’s important to our future,” said Ernie Stevens Jr., Chairman of NIGA.

Sports betting was also a major discussion at this year’s show. Former NBA Commissioner David Stern was in attendance to explain the benefits of legalizing sports betting and how it could ultimately protect the integrity of sports.

“You wind up with a proposition that says there is this legal gaming, but there’s also an enormous amount that is wagered. That amount is not regulated, not taxed, and the profits go to unsavory causes, and that’s a good thing to take a look at” Stern said, according to ESPN.

Two leading experts within the UK sports betting world, Dr. David Forrest and Rick Parry, released a report called, The Key to Sports Integrity in the United States: Legalized, Regulated Sports Betting that details how the United States must adopt an approach similar to the legal, regulated sports betting in the United Kingdom to ensure an open and transparent market.

Also in the sports betting discussion was the National District Attorneys Association to examine the prosecution of illegal gambling. Importantly, G2E promoted a conversation among law enforcement, a significant partner of the AGA as it relates to sports betting, with other industry stakeholders to discuss combatting illegal gambling.

The Las Vegas Review Journal commented that, “Every day of the show, there was a speaker, panel or discussion about introducing race and sports books to the public nationwide. The American Gaming Association is leading that charge, issuing a 32-page report on legalizing and regulation sports betting in the United States.”

A copy of the report can be found here

Conversations surrounding sports betting, gaming policies and the industry’s expanding reach allows G2E to remain an important platform for the gaming industry to share its positive story and economic impact nationwide.


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