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Yesterday afternoon, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder issued Executive Order No. 2012-7, which creates a Criminal Investigations Subunit (the "Subunit") within the Michigan Gaming Control Board ("MGCB"). Under the terms of the Executive Order, the Executive Director of the MGCB is charged with responsibility for, and direct control of, the Subunit, and is further required to arrange for the Subunit's proper staffing. 

The stated purpose of the Subunit is to investigate criminal activity relating to any matter under the jurisdiction of the MGCB, or the Executive Director of the MGCB, including, but not limited to: "(1) Conducting criminal background checks on applicants for licenses and current licensees...;(2) Investigating claims of unlawful gaming or racing practices that, if true, would constitute a violation of the Michigan Penal Code; (3) Maintaining records of its criminal investigations; (4) Sharing records of its investigations with other criminal justice agencies; and (5) Reviewing information from other criminal justice agencies to assist in the enforcement and investigation of all matters under the authority of the Executive Director of the [MGCB]."

In a press release related to the issuance of the Executive Order, Gov. Snyder said, "[b]y creating a new subunit with expanded access to state and federal criminal justice information, the board will be better equipped to do its duty."


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