On November 10, 2016, the American Gaming Association (“AGA”) announced it will now shift its focus toward working with President-Elect Trump’s Administration and the newly formed Congress. The AGA highlighted specific areas of attention including:

· Advocating for pro-business policies that promote growth and reinvestment;

· Supporting economic policies that provide consumers with greater confidence and discretionary income;

· Continuing to encourage a welcoming environment for foreign visitors, many of whom are interested in enjoying the casino gaming experience;

· Cultivating relationships with and educating new members of Congress on gaming’s positive economic and community impacts; and

· Advancing a pro-gaming agenda, including a repeal of the failed federal ban on sports betting outside Nevada.

Additionally, the AGA plans to use its industry presence across 40 states to further relationships with pro-gaming Congressional leaders and continue promoting favorable policies while discouraging unnecessary federal intervention. While the AGA says it is optimistic that a Trump Administration will feature significantly more restrained federal agencies than past years, the “Get to Know Gaming” campaign and other activities within prominent casino markets will remain a vital component to gaming’s continued success.

Notably, AGA President and CEO Geoff Freeman stated the “AGA is eager to work with the Trump Administration and new Congress and we are optimistic that the coming years will include important victories for the gaming industry.” 


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