On December 21, the American Gaming Association (“AGA”) specified three areas of focus for the upcoming year. According to the AGA, its first emphasis will be on strengthening its congressional champion development efforts. The “Get to Know Gaming” campaign will continue and the AGA will develop proactive engagement with the Trump Administration and incoming members of Congress. Additionally, the AGA has submitted a memo that provides the transition team of President-elect Donald Trump with an overview of the U.S. casino industry, its strong economic impacts and the key policy priorities for 2017 and beyond.

Second, the AGA will focus on enhancing the Global Gaming Expo (“G2E”) in Las Vegas, Nevada. “AGA will continue our comprehensive efforts to take G2E to the next level. We are also exploring several new ventures that could support your business functions and significantly reduce costs,” said AGA President and CEO, Geoff Freeman.

Lastly, the AGA says it will concentrate on advancing the legal sports betting campaign. According to the AGA, there will be a focus on creating a coalition of key stakeholders such as law enforcement, sports fans, and regulatory officials in order to create the best environment needed to pursue legislative action.


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