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On Wednesday, May 27, 2014, the American Gaming Association (“AGA”) announced the launch of its “Get to Know Gaming” educational and advocacy campaign.

In early June, the AGA will release a detailed, nationwide survey providing current profiles of casino visitors designed to paint a factually-based picture of the typical casino consumer.

The AGA’s “Get to Know Gaming” campaign is designed to highlight community impacts related to gaming activity across the country, focusing on the partnerships formed between casino operators and local government and interest groups. The campaign will also focus on providing the public and policymakers with information related to the positive effects of casino gaming.

“The American Gaming Association will ensure that our industry’s extraordinary story is heard,” said Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the American Gaming Association.  “We are entering a critical stage in the gaming industry’s evolution.  Nationwide expansion is running headfirst into unsustainable tax rates and regulatory inefficiencies.  ‘Get to Know Gaming’ will help to establish gaming as a mainstream business and pave the way for critical, pro-innovation reforms.”

According to the AGA, the “Get to Know Gaming” campaign will help pave the way for more states to view casino operators as partners and adopt policies that reflect that mindset.

In addition, the AGA is launching a champion development initiative to educate and recruit gaming allies beyond the Nevada borders. This effort will include actively engaging members of Congress to encourage community-building efforts and highlight gaming’s benefits.

To sign up for  the AGA’s Get to Know Gaming campaign alerts and other AGA communications, please visit http://www.americangaming.org/connect.



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