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The Senate Regulatory Reform committee held a hearing October 18, 2017, at which Governor Snyder’s appointee to the Michigan Gaming Control Board, Barbara Smith, testified. 

Sen. Peter MacGregor (R-28thState Senate District) posed a series of questions asking Ms. Smith to detail her professional experience, disclose whether she or her family members had any interest in any casino or licensed supplier, what she felt the MGCB’s greatest challenges were moving forward, and finally whether she thought fantasy sports were illegal.  Ms. Smith replied that neither she nor her relatives had any interest in any licensed casino or supplier.  She then went on to detail her background, indicating that she went to Cooley law school.  She testified that she has always had an interest in volunteering for public service, noting that she had run for office a few times and most recently served six years on the Attorney Grievance Commission, the last three as chairperson.  Ms. Smith testified that roughly 80% of her law practice is advance dispute resolution such as mediation.  She noted that she has three adult children.  Ms. Smith indicated that her personal challenge was that she is brand new to the area of gaming and that she will have a steep learning curve.  Finally, she testified that she doesn’t play fantasy sports, but explained that that the MGCB appears to be well suited to the role of the regulator and that if the legislature passes a fantasy sports bill, then the MGCB (or whoever the regulator may be) will apply the law as passed.

Sen. Marty Knollenberg (R-13thState Senate District) asked what her motivation and interest was in the position.  Ms. Smith replied that she was looking for another volunteer position after her term at the Attorney Grievance commission ended and she was approached by Governor Snyder.



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