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On March 6, 2017, the Horse Racing Advisory Commission (“Commission”) held its second meeting on the campus of Michigan State University. All seven members of the Commission were present and the meeting largely focused on the issue of implementing Advanced Deposit Wagering (“ADW”) at Northville Downs and Hazel Park Raceway. At the meeting, Ladd Biro, Hazel Park Raceway Race Secretary, was introduced as the newest member to the Commission.  A current breakdown of the Governor-appointed Commission members is as follows:

Don Ryker, Ortonville - Chair

Represents individuals who have knowledge about and expertise in horse racing in this state

Thomas Barrett, Novi

Represents statewide horse racing associations

Mike Carlo, Northville

Represents owners or operators of horse racetracks in this state

Nancy Frank, Haslett

Designee of the Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development

George Kutlenios, Holly

Representing statewide horse racing associations

Frank Nickels, Haslett

Represents veterinarians

Ladd Biro, Warren

Represents owners or operators of horse racetracks in this state

All Commission members’ terms end on Oct. 31, 2020.

The Commission was established by way of legislation that passed last year which established the following tasks for the Commission to accomplish:

· Establish for the commissioner procedures governing the operation and promotion of horse racing in this state.

· Make recommendations to the legislature on amendments to this act that would improve the regulatory structure of horse racing in this state with a goal of maintaining the long‑term viability of horse racing in this state.

· Annually submit a report to the legislature detailing its recommendations under subdivisions (a) and (b). (13) The racing commissioner shall take under consideration the procedures established by the advisory commission under subsection (12)(a) in performing his or her duties under this act.

During the meeting, it was noted that more than 90% of the wagers made at the tracks were on simulcast races and thus ADW would be of great benefit.  Accordingly John Hindman, TVG general counsel gave a presentation about his company’s services. TVGoffers web-based, phone, and mobile device ADW services as well as video streaming of horse races on its website.

It was noted that TVG’s currently contemplated services may not be permitted as the current legal landscape only allows for simulcast wagers to occur within the confines of a licensed racetrack (see section 17(8) of the statute). 

A general motion to support the implementation of ADW was made and passed by the Commission with six members approving and one abstaining.

Following the ADW discussion, Don Packard, President of the Michigan Horse Racing Council presented on the tentative drafting of a report entitled “American Horse Council National Equine Economic Impact Study,” and his group’s efforts to get other state’s to help fund the report. He noted that the study would help to show the fiscal impact that racing has within the state and elsewhere.

The next Commission meeting is tentatively scheduled for April 24.  For more information, please click here.


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