On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (“AGEM”) announced the results of a comprehensive economic impact study of the gaming manufacturer and technology sector.  According to AGEM, the global gaming supplier industry generated a total economic impact of $47.5 billion, supported more than 212,000 employees, and paid a total of $14.2 billion in wages and salaries during 2016. The report titled “Industry Impact Analysis: Global Gaming Supplier 2017” was the result of an independent study commissioned by AGEM and conducted by the Las Vegas based Applied Analysis.

Highlights of the report:

· Including direct ($17.9 billion), indirect ($14.9 billion) and induced ($14.7 billion) impacts, the global gaming supplier segment generated a total of $47.5 billion of economic output (revenue) in 2016.

· Including direct ($4.9 billion), indirect ($4.7 billion) and induced ($4.6 billion) impacts, the global gaming supplier segment supports a total of approximately $14.2 billion in annual wages and salaries to 55,145 direct, 68,128 indirect and 88,833 induced employees for a total, with the multiplier effect, of 212,106 employees.

· The average direct wage per employee in the industry reached approximately $89,400 in 2016, reflecting a significant premium to the current U.S. average annual wage of $49,630, as listed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

· The industry has an especially strong impact in Nevada and overall employs a broad range of workers, including high-end technical professionals and engineers responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in research and development expenditures annually.

“A lot has changed in our sector during the past several years, but what hasn’t changed is the impressive output of the global gaming suppliers and technology providers,” said Marcus Prater, Executive Director of AGEM. “While there have been a variety of consolidation events at the very top in the past few years, the rise of the next level of manufacturers along with a general expansion of new products and technology created by supplier innovations have resulted in impressive growth and a strong overall impact.”

In addition, AGEM announced the addition of four new members to the organization, bringing the trade group of gaming suppliers to a total of 151. The new members are: London-based Passport Technology, Inc.; Walldorf, Germany-based SAP; Slovenia-based Spintec, and Las Vegas-based William Hill US.

For more information on AGEM and the benefits it provides to its gaming sector members, please visit: www.agem.org.


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