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The Senate Regulatory Reform committee held a hearing October 18, 2017.  On the agenda was to vote on SB 461 and SB 462, the package of fantasy sports bills.  SB 461 is sponsored by Sen. Wayne Schmidt (R-37thState Senate District) and SB 462 is sponsored by Sen. Curtis Hertel (D-23rdState Senate District).

Sen. Hertel made some brief comments at the beginning of the hearing, noting that he is open to language changes.  He noted that he is in contact with various constituent groups and has set a hard deadline for responses by the end of next week to submit language changes.  He noted that some of the desired changes are “nonstarters” but that he continues to have dialogue with parties.  Finally, Sen. Hertel noted that while he doesn’t have complete control over the Senate floor, his intention is to get the feedback first and amend the bill possibly before it comes up for a vote on the floor. 

The committee voted unanimously to pass both bills out of committee and recommend passage, with Sen. Peter MacGregor (R-28thState Senate District) passing on both votes.


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