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On Tuesday, March 12, 2013, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (“MGCB”) will hold its Regular Public Meeting. The agenda includes the following items:

A. Consider the Licensing & Regulation Division’s Recommendation Regarding Level 1 and Level 2 Occupational License Applications

B. Consider  the  Executive  Director’s  Reports  Regarding  the  Pending  Supplier  License Applications of:

1. Kimprint, Inc. d/b/a Progressive Printing, BoardFile No.SL003439-13-001

2. Suburban Motors Company,Inc. d/b/a Suburban Cadillac Buick, Board File No. SL006214-13-001

C. Consider  the  Executive  Director’s  Reports  Regarding  the  Pending  Supplier  License Renewal Requests of

1. Advertising Specialties, LLC, Board File No.SL001616-13-001

2. BAC Greektown, LLC, Board File No.SL006106-13-001

3. Basement Beats, LLC, Board File No.SL005968-13-001

4. Chef Source, Inc., Board File No.SL001276-13-001

5. Contract Design Group, Inc., Board File No.SL003690-13-001

6. Data Financial Incorporated, Board File No.SL005853-13-001

7. General Linen Supply Company d/b/a General Linen and Uniform Service, Board File No.SL000917-13-001

8. LavdasEnterprises, Inc. d/b/aLavdasLimousines, Inc.,Board File No. SL001574-13-001

9. Northern Lakes Seafood& Meats, LLC, Board File No.SL002903-13-001

10. Paltronics, Inc., Board File No.SL003217-13-001

11. WPDET Associates, LLC, Board File No.SL005110-13-001

D. Consider Proposal for Decision in the Disciplinary Action of Occupational Licensee James Lamont Countryman, Case No.MGCB-2013-2

E. Consider Proposal for Decision in the Disciplinary Action of Occupational Licensee Delecia Nicole Young, Case No.MGCB-2013-3

F. Consider  Board  Acceptance  of  Acknowledgments  of  Violation  of  Casino  Licensee Detroit Entertainment, LLC d/b/a MotorCity Casino, Board File Nos.  CCC-2010-02& CCC-2011-02

G. Consider Greektown Casino’s Request for “Approval to Execute a Fourth Amendment to its Credit Agreement”,et.al.

The MGCB meeting will take place at the Detroit Office Hearing Room, located at Cadillac Place, 3062 W. Grand Blvd., Suite L-700, Detroit, Michigan at 9:30 a.m. on Tuesday, March 12th.


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