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Last week, the Michigan Lottery announced that it was suspending its plans to allow lottery tickets and other games to be purchased and/or played over the internet (which has come to be known as “iLottery”), with Michigan Lottery spokeswoman Andrea Brancato recently telling the Associated Press that “plans for an iLottery system have been suspended so that the Lottery may further evaluate the program.”  

Though Governor Rick Snyder supported the iLottery plans and proposed $3.4 Million be allocated for this purpose in his 2014 budget proposal, the Senate Appropriations Committee eventually de-funded this proposal, and separate iLottery funding did not make it into the final omnibus budget bill sent to the Governor (see “Michigan iLottery Plans Defunded in 2014 Budget”, Michigan Gaming Newsletter, Volume 19, Issue 16, June 7, 2013). The allocated funding was meant to aid in the development of the iLottery plans and also pay to hire 10 additional employees to handle the iLottery program.

It is unknown whether the Michigan Lottery may still plan to move forward with iLottery in the future, even in the absence of separate allocated funding for the program.  In this regard, however, Senator Rick Jones (R-Grand Rapids) introduced a bill on April 10th that would prohibit the Michigan Lottery from selling “tickets or shares…over the Internet.”  This measure, Senate Bill 0294, was referred to the Senate Committee on Regulatory Reform, and has not yet been released from this committee.    


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