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On September 4, 2013, Representative Jeff Farrington (R-Utica) introduced House Bill 4960 (“HB 4960”) that, if passed, would amend the Traxler-McCauley-Law-Bowman Bingo Act (“Act”) to allow for an expansion of charitable gaming activity in the state.

The Act was originally passed in 1972 and authorized several forms of charitable gaming, including raffles, bingo, charity game tickets, and Millionaire Party events, which allow casino-style games on a limited basis. While all charitable gaming activity was traditionally placed under the oversight of the state lottery, Governor Richard Snyder transferred oversight of Millionaire Parties to the Michigan Gaming Control Board (“MGCB”) via Executive Order 2012-4 in an effort to consolidate oversight over such activities.

The bill would constitute a major revision of the existing statute and would reverse several recent changes in charitable gaming policy aimed at Millionaire Party events. The bill would also create a greater distinction between Millionaire Party events and other charitable gaming methods by separating the Millionaire Party provisions from the general provisions of the bill.

On July 29, 2013, the Executive Director of the MGCB issued a letter to all licensed charitable gaming suppliers and qualified organizations noting changes in MGCB policy regarding Millionaire Party events. After the Ingham County Circuit Court issued a temporary injunction to prevent the implementation of the new policies, a second letter was issued on August 29, 2013 rescinding the letter from July 29, 2013.

The text of HB 4960 is available at the following link: House Bill 4960. For more information on the July changes to Millionaire Party policy, please refer the The Michigan Gaming Newsletter, Vol. 19, Issue 21, dated August 2, 2013, located here: http://michigangaming.com/docs/newsletter/volume_19/MichiganGamingNewsVol19-Issue21.pdf


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