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Today, January 10, 2014, the Michigan Gaming Control Board (“MGCB”)  issued a press release stating that it had reached a compromise with Michigan House Representative Jeff Farrington (R-Utica) regarding its proposed charity gaming rule changes. In addition, the MGCB has agreed to immediately lift the moratorium on issuing new charitable gaming supplier licenses, which has been in place since January, 2011.

MGCB Executive Director Richard Kalm originally submitted proposed charity gaming rule changes in September that which included several changes to the existing rules for the licensing and operation of casino-style gaming at charitable Millionaire Parties. Rep. Farrington also introduced proposed legislation in September, 2013 that would have prevented several of the proposed rule changes by amending the Traxler-McCauley-Law-Bowman Bingo Act, the statute authorizing such gaming activity.

According to the press release, the compromise includes three major areas of compromise:

· Each charitable gaming location may operate poker up to four nights per week (up to 208 nights annually),  as opposed to the proposed 120 nights per year limit;

· The minimum number of workers from the charitable organization that must be present at the event has been reduced from five (5) to three (3); and,

· A general expansion of the locations where charitable games may be played to “nearly any location in the sate, including bars, churches, schools, fraternal halls, community centers, or other locations.”

“Gaming has always sought to insure the integrity of these games by making the charities more accountable for their operation, and to make sure only those persons licensed provide equipment or assist charities in running their event. These rules will still accomplish that goal. In addition, when the Rules go into effect charities will have the freedom to hold their events where they choose,” stated Executive Director Kalm in the press release.

The press release notes that the MGCB expects to submit its revised set of charitable gaming rules to the Michigan Joint Committee on Administrative Rules sometime in late January.

The press release, along with other information on the revised charity gaming regulations, can be found at the MGCB’s website at: http://www.michigan.gov/mgcb.


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