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On May 23, 2014, the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan (“Tribe”), announced that over $2.6 million in revenue sharing payments will be distributed to various local schools and governments.  Each year in May and December the Tribe distributes 2% of revenue generated from Class III gaming at the Tribe’s two Michigan casinos in accordance with Tribe’s tribal-state gaming compact with the State of Michigan.

This week, $1.98 million will be distributed to various local government units in Isabella County, while Northern Bay and Aranac Counties will receive over $627,000 in funding. The Tribe received a total of 439 requests for distributions, including 108 from units of local government and 331 from local schools. According to the Tribe’s gaming compact, the revenue is to be used to compensate local units of government for increased public service costs associated with the casino operation, as well as for local roads, public utilities, schools, and other public needs.

According to Michigan Gaming Control Board data, as of the Fall of 2013, the Tribe has distributed over $120 million through the 2% revenue-sharing  program.

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