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On Monday, June 9, 2014, the Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians (“Gun Lake Tribe”) announced details of its spring revenue sharing payments to the State of Michigan and local governments. According to the Gun Lake Tribe’s announcement, over $7.9 million will be shared with the state ($6,316,920) and the Local Revenue Sharing Board ($1,597,230).  The semi-annual payments, distributed pursuant to the terms of the Gun Lake Tribe’s tribal-state gaming compact, are calculated from electronic gaming revenues. The figures noted above reflect the reporting period from October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.

The spring payments bring the total amount of revenue sharing payments made by the Gun Lake Tribe to $52,235,219 since opening in February 2011.  Chairman of the Gun Lake Tribe, D.K. Sprague, noted that “[t]his revenue sharing distribution marks a very significant milestone.  Today, we have given over $50 million to state and local governments in support of many worthwhile causes. The Tribe is proud to continue making meaningful contributions to the community.”

Under the tribal-state compact, payments are calculated as percentage of the net win from electronic gaming devices, with the Local Revenue Sharing Board’s share equal to 2 percent while the state’s share is calculated on a sliding scale between 8 and 12 percent.

The Local Revenue Sharing Board receives and distributes payments to fund local municipalities in accordance with Board-established by-laws governing the process and pursuant to the mandatory funding requirements of the tribal-state gaming compact.


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