The Michigan Lottery is in the process of amending its rules with respect to charitable gaming.  In the proposed revision, the Lottery proposed that in-house raffle ticket sellers be compensated for their services.  The draft rules were approved by the Office of Regulatory Reinvention (“ORR”) on 6/23/2017.  The Lottery submitted the required Regulatory Impact Statement to ORR on September 20, 2017.

In its statement, the Lottery noted that the State of Ohio does not allow compensation of raffle ticket sellers, whereas the State of Indiana does allow partial compensation for “ticket agents”.  The Lottery noted that charities had expressed frustration in not finding enough volunteers to sell raffle tickets and believe that they could sell more tickets if they were allowed to compensate sellers.  Lottery stated: “The inability to pay ticket sellers at in-house raffles requires nonprofit organizations to find volunteers, some of whom may arrive late or not at all. Allowing nonprofits to pay ticket sellers should result in higher ticket sales, therefore, increase funding for the nonprofit organization..” 

If the ORR approves the proposed changes, the Lottery will have to publish a notice indicating the deadline for any written comments in the Michigan Register, including the date of the public hearing at which Lottery will discuss the proposed rules.