Last week the MGCB publicly released its proposed revisions and modifications to its administrative rules.  The rules were last modified in 2000.   Many of the changes incorporate practices that were instituted by MGCB board resolutions and prior MGCB practice.

In general, the rule changes remove in several places specific requirements for processes, applications and other requirements in favor of simply stating that the forms and applications must contain information required by the board.  They also revise requirements for electronic gaming devices and modify the appeal process for license applications and renewals, including the effective date of certain adverse decisions by the MGCB.  Finally, the MGCB revisions contain several changes to the regulations governing transfers of ownership of casino and supplier licensees.

Th MGCB has indicated a willingness to receive both informal and formal comments on the rule changes.  Under Michigan administrative rule-making procedures, the MGCB must schedule a public meeting to discuss and approve the proposed rule changes.  To date, a public hearing has not been scheduled.