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The Michigan Office of Racing Commissioner is a division of the Michigan Department of Agriculture. It has the responsibility of administering the licensing, regulation, enforcement and collection of pari-mutuel revenues for the state.

Michigan's racing industry currently consists of five tracks.  The industry has sought to revive itself through the expansion of gaming operations. However, Michigan voters rejected adding VLTs to the tracks in 2004 when Proposal 1 was adopted, amending the Michigan Constitution to require statewide and local voter approval to expand gaming options.


Effective January 17, 2010 the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) officially assumed the duties of the Office of the Racing Commissioner (ORC).

On October 8, 2009, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm issued Executive Order No. 2009-45 which, among other things, transfers the regulation of horse racing from the Office of Racing Commissioner to the MGCB. The ORC and the position of Racing Commissioner were abolished by the Order.

MGCB Executive Director Rick Kalm now performs the functions of the Racing Commissioner.

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